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Climbing in San Anton (Malaga). Escalada en San Anton (Pinares)

11 May 2011

This time we went to San Anton with Manue and Merche. We put “cuerdas y cintas” to the back of the car, took autovia and after 20 minutes of driving (from Nerja) we got to the Pinares de San Anton. We warmed up on some easy routes than climbed some 6c and 7a. I was a serviceman for Merche’s pies de gato – climbing with clean sole is so much important! There was no pressure for fighting on the rock and what more sunny weather made us a bit  lazy at 2 pm, so we took a rest under “Batman” roof. Manue and Merche gave us short lessons of “idioma andaluz ” which is a bit different than “Castellano“…

and Ania took some pics of us!

Pinares de San Anton is very close to Malaga – only 5 minutes by car from old town. Acces from the parking lot is easy and short, perfect for warm-up. Routes are in wide range of grade – from easy 5a to 7c.

There is no official topo of this area, despite of a few “croquis” of  the left older sector (and less popular) which is possible to find in web. Almost everyday you can meet up there climbers from Malaga, especially on weekends. If  you go there do not forget to say: “Hola!” and if you are not sure about route grade, ask: “Que grado es?” or “Que grado tiene esta via?”

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