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July and August ’11

29 August 2011

I didn’t blog since May… but summer is not a perfect time for bloging – it is much better go swimming, bouldering on Burriana  beach, climbing in La Colaila Gorge or shady Mijas or canyoning in cool rivers and cascades. Canyoning is one of the better activities for summer in Costa del Sol – if you are bored by lying on the beach and you want to escape from overcrowded popular spots. It is also a good alternative for those for whom rock climbing seem to much demanding activity for summer. This summer season (July-August) I spent a lot of nice moments with different teams from all Europe and the U.S. as well! My huge car coolers turned out very usefull – it’s nice if you know there is a cold beer, coke, water and fruits waiting for you when you are reaching the car after the El Camino or climbing session…

Rock climbing courses season starts from September – so everyone is welcome! We continue canyoning sessions untill November, so there is still a chance to get wet in andalucian rivers.. BOOK your activity here

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