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Birthday gift – from Casa de la Mercedes to El Chorro

9 December 2011

Julie and her boyfriend appeared (dressed in a formal outfit) in the doorway of Casa de la Mercedes hotel with his luggage and laptop ready to drive to the airport  – and sured there are only 2 hours left to their flight. Turned out there was no taxi driver but a car full of climbing ropes and unshaved guy… We’ve been climbing all the day almost without any rest, recharging only with a few bananas, cereal bars and drinking coffee. We finished at the dusk. They took off their climbing shoes in the car…

I hope guys you cathed your plane to Barcelona and had a nice flight!

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  1. Themis permalink
    9 December 2011 16:52


    Thank you (& Julie!) for an Amazing full-day yesterday of perfect, intense rock-climbing!!!

    You’re a great intructor, hope we can make it down to spectacular El Chorro again sometime!

    Also, thanks for this post, the pictures & especially the one with the shoes! Lol!

    Next time we try to climb up through the mini-cave for 6c!!


  2. 9 December 2011 19:20

    soooo cooooool!!!!! what a rockin birthdayyyy!!!! my birthday is the 31st of january….hint…hint 😉

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