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Costa-supposed to be-del Sol, wet weather & tough guys

4 December 2012

Rock climbing course spain, climbing malaga

Almost a month ago, Costa del Sol turned into the Costa del Rain: it was raining almost every day for longer than week and that is something very unusual in November. Aleksander and Kim they haven’t been lucky coming to Spain in the middle of that raining period. At the beginning of the course it seemed the weather will be good enough for climbing, some showers during the day is not a problem at all, as long as there is some warm wind to dry out the walls. So, the first 2 days we could climb some routes and I teached them multi-pitch technique, abseiling and solving some different emergency situations. The following 2 days were mixed with climbing and running down to the car and back at the base of the walls. Temperature dropped to 15 deegrees and with wet weather it caused we could not enjoy climbing as we would like to. However, for tough guys from Norway there was no excuse for climbing and the last day we spent a few hours climbing and abseiling while it was raining, then we get to the car completely wet and all equipment was drying out over 3 days after the course. Finally it is sunny again, what a reflief… I hope you guys will be back one day in south of Spain!


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