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Windstar’s wooden deck and chalked fingers

9 December 2012

windstar cruise malaga puerto

When Kelly said their Windstar Cruise will have the 8 hour stop at the Malaga port I thought it must be one of these huge ships with hundreds of windows on its both sides, swimming pool at each deck and every night shows around 10 p.m. So I was waiting next to the Terminal A, at the deepest dock of the Malaga port. I was earlier there to avoid morning traffic and having just enough time to take a cat nap. A sudden call woke me up and a spanish voice of travel agent informed me that I should be in a different place – Kelly’s ship is docked at the “puerto nuevo“. It is a relatively short distance to drive but passing a few stucked roundabouts, skipping lazy taxi drivers and horse carriages took a bit too much time to keep me calm. I was really impressed of the Windstar ship – a 4 masts sailing ship with wooden deck and nickel plated details. It departs from Barcelona and within a few stops (Palma de Mallorca, Valencia, Malaga, Cadiz) arrives to Lizbon. The exact route depends on the season.

puerto malaga

At 10 am we got to the San Anton walls, then started testing some new pairs of climbing shoes. We climbed easy grade routes many times. Kelly’s friend even trusted my hand a let me arrest a few of his falls on a bit harder climbs.

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