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Hands that heal got pumped

16 December 2012

rock climbing instruction malaga

When I picked up Jag, Yan and Jake (physicians based in Sheffield, the UK) from Oasis Hostel in Malaga early in the morning the narrow streets of “centro de Malaga” were empty of people, window shutters were closed and just a few Spaniards were picking their hot “churros” with milk coffee in the bars we were passing by. After fast drive we made some shopping in Alora as usual and 30 minutes later we were ascending at Frontales walls with rucksacks full of climbing gear. When I was explaining to them climbing knots, belaying techniques and the essence of the fall factor, they were explaining to me how I can get a stroke, why people get a heart attack, as well as smoking 5 cigarettes a month may have a positive impact on your health.

On the second day we went to Escalera Arabe area to practise abseiling and single pitch climbing techniques. When we got at the base of the wall I saw the same black dog which I had seen it in Villanueva del Rosario a few months ago – then it appeared from nowhere and spent with us a full day then made a poo so stinky that Albert was close to vomit. But it was a few months ago, so would it be possible that dog travels on its own between V. del Rosario and El Chorro, which is a quite long distance? For what reason, just for fun to meet some new climbers? It seemed to me very unlikely. Very soon it turned out the dog has a 3 sweet puppies and the new owner as well. It was very nice to meet Sylvia with her group. Puppies and their mom were jumping around distracting belayers, while Sylvia and I were running instruction for our groups. That day was one of these perfect sunny days with no wind that happen in December here in Andalucia.

On the next day we practised multi-pitch climbing and we finished abseiling after the dusk in complete darkness.

On the last day I could observe Jag, Yan and Jake they have much more confidence, ease of climbing and safe habits gradually emerge and that means my job is done.

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  1. 7 January 2013 17:00

    “Common on, you can do it”. Jan provided an excellent climbing course (we did a 4 day course in El Chorro, Spain). With an emphasis on safety, patience, building confidence and encouraging you to push yourself. Highly recommended” – Jag, Sheffield, UK;
    I could not resist to put Jag’s comment from, thanks a lot guys!!

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