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Springtime madness, climbing knots & polish girls

16 May 2013

After a snowy weekend in Salamanca (15 cm of snow and -5 in the morning) on the way back from Portugal, I got eventually to El Chorro. Usually spring comes to Andalucia on february/march, but this season it’s late and it hit with tremendous force – I have never seen so many colorful flowers blossoming  at the same time in El Chorro. A springtime madness is all around – twittering, buzzing, rustling and yelling: birds, butterflies, any kind of insects (on the ground and in the air) landing on you when you finish leading at the second pitch. We saw a swarm of bees – a real black cloud! – which made a few people panicked, but bees were too busy with their affairs and flew away to buzz somewhere else… That it is a springtime peak season indicates also the number of smashed snakes on the road from Alora to El Chorro. Yesterday a vividly green lizard, almost 0,5m long ran across the road just in front of my car – it was running sideways, what I guess is a lizard’s trick to make potential enemy confused.

For the 4 intensive days we climbed & abseiled some nice walls around El Chorro’s Frontales wall crags, practising loads of equipment operations with different climbing and emergency scenarios and improving making-decisions process when climber is under stress. We met some german teams on our multipitch climbs, but making room at the belay stations wasn’t problem anymore with climbing savoir vivre and tips we used. Also we met SO MANY polish girls it would be impossible to count them and there is only one person in Londoners team who could give you more details about this phenomenon.

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